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Today I am a guide and mentor, an intuitive visionary of the Soul, into the Heart, Mind - individual and Collective and into the humanness of US.

Muladhara ~ मूलाधार

Muladhara ~ मूलाधार

Dormant Kundalini is often said to be resting here, wrapped three and a half, or seven or twelve times.

Svadhisthana ~ स्वाधिष्ठान

Svadhisthana ~ स्वाधिष्ठान

represented with a lotus within which is a crescent moon symbolizing the water element.

Manipura ~ मणिपूर

Manipura ~ मणिपूर

this is described as the Madhyama-Shakti or the intermediate stage of self-discovery

Anahata ~ अनाहत

Anahata ~ अनाहत

Within it is a yantra of two intersecting triangles, forming a hexagram, symbolising a union of the male and female as well as being the esoteric symbol for the element of air (vayu)

Vishuddha ~ विशुद्ध

Vishuddha ~ विशुद्ध

represented with 16 petals covered with the sixteen Sanskrit vowels In esoteric Buddhism, it is called Sambhoga and is generally considered to be the petal lotus of "Enjoyment" corresponding to the third state of Four Noble Truths

Ajna  ~ आज्ञा

Ajna ~ आज्ञा

Guru chakra or third-eye chakra, the subtle center of energy, where the tantra guru touches the seeker during the initiation ritual

Sahasrara ~ सहस्रार

Sahasrara ~ सहस्रार

Highest spiritual centre, pure consciousness, containing neither object nor subject. When the feminine Kundalini Shakti rises to this point, it unites with the masculine Shiva, giving self-realization and samadhi

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Every Path of Self Discovery IS a Process of the Expansion of Consciousness 
Welcome To the Newly Rebirthed Beyond The Body


                   Are you ready to develop the skills for moving intentionally to Activate Consciousness Integration?

Then maybe the information on this site and working with me can Guide, Support and Assist you in your explorations 


Have you had therapies to assist you in working with past traumas, or you are working on current challenges whether of the mind, emotions or your physical health? Have you revisited limiting ingrained thoughts, feelings & behaviours believing you’d cracked the cycle only to find yourself well and truly smack back in the throes of their debilitating symptoms again and again and realized that each time you find yourself in this place the outcomes are more and more paralyzing for you?


Have you stepped onto a spiritual path to find answers to your yearning for realisations? You seek a sense of purpose, freedom from pain & suffering? Has your seeking left you with more questions than answers? 


Then you will find the therapeutic Consciousness Integration Guidance with all the subtle modalities I offer could be what you are ready for.


My clients experience our sessions as more like personal Satsang than therapy, more like experiencing profound insights as we explore their seeking questions. What is Satsang?  In satsang, the commitment is to awaken, uplift, and enlighten yourselves and to unmask illusions. In short, the commitment is to know truth. Start by creating a shared intention to be together in the service of spirit, for the sake of experiencing the deepest possible level of truth for a given period of time.


Current therapeutic modalities I see often leave clients retraumatized after a session by seeking reconciliation with the past through revisiting it over and over. This leaves the client holding the unearthed pain and suffering as they go back into their daily life often feeling worse than before the session.


A Transpersonal psychotherapeutic model holds the client in ALL of who they are, bringing together mind, body and soul. Incorporating the guidance of Immanent Somatic Awareness we exponentially transform the space to safely be with the emotional and physiological sensations that emerge as we move in our exploration. Hold this on a foundation of Consciousness Integration Guidance and we move profoundly into a space where deep and lasting transformation can emerge.  


A session with me is a beautiful, organic, immanent space that moves with whatever is ready to emerge for your recognition and release. All the modalities you will read about here on this site are never used in isolation, we will move through very naturally exploring what is emerging for you with whatever process is best serving you at each moment.

Many of my clients are Lightworkers, Therapists, Healers, Energy Practitioners and Guides assisting others through their own modalites. They come to me realising they must continue to deepen their own inner work to best support others ~ we can only guide another as deeply as we have dived ourselves!  Committed to their ongoing professional development they come to me when they have found they are once more in their own patterns of pain &  suffering, blocked, unable to see deeply into what is presenting ~ this directly impacts their work with others.  


Yoga teachers, Breathworkers, Energy Healers of many modalities are finding diving into thier own process is signficantly shifting their work with their own client base.    


"I first met Karen over 20 years ago when she was a student of Psychosynthesis and I was one of the trainers. During these years, I have seen Karen go deeply within herself to come out with utter clarity and knowledge in psychology, behaviour, healing and spirituality. These years were not without struggle and conflict, nonetheless she kept on going even when grappling with agonizing personal loss.

I have been her teacher, counsellor, mentor and now friend and colleague. Her passion and commitment have always been a great inspiration for me".

Mariacristina Freeman ~ UK

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Here are some brief descriptions of the intangible Processes you will access in your 1:1 sessions
Integrative Consciousness Guidance

Integrative Consciousness Therapy has emerged through my practice over the last 3 decades as an inevitable effect of the new science, global conscious awakening.


Integrative Consciousness Guidance is truly holistic, it is a journey of integration of Consciousness as Whole flowing through every cell via the synaptic firings through your mind. It is gaining wisdom into the constant flow of Consciousness Through you AS you.

Immanent Somatic Awareness

The beautiful synergy of mindful awareness, learning skills to stay present while recognising that the trauma replaying was a past occurrence unfolding in your field of current consciousness and that it is not occurring Now. This memory being replayed through your senses is 'telling' your brain this event is happening NOW. Your brain will respond accordingly and flood your body with the chemistry to keep you safe. With Immanent Somatic awareness development of this visceral experience due to a trigger opens the capacity of relieving physical, emotional and psychological shock, stress and trauma.

Transpersonal Therapy

Psychosynthesis applied to psychotherapy, psychology and self-development

is a school of psychology with ground breaking concepts and experiential techniques for people interested in personal and psychospiritual transformation.
Where suffering can be caused by a loss of contact with who we really are, psychosynthesis seeks to restore and renew this contact.

Dreams as Messengers

Dreams: Learning the language of Soul

Soul whisperings from the Dreamscape



They arise and they fall in what seems to be flashing seconds but there is no space and time in the Dreamscape we are exploring without body/mind to infiltrate the messages being offered. 


It is only on our return to ‘waking’ that we begin to try interpreting


Soulwork is the path to union with your True Nature. When we learn how to listen to and reclaim our True Nature, or Soul, we are opening to the fullest connection Spirit ~ our Luminous Self to be Graced with the transcendence of suffering.  

Soulwork requires real dedication and commitment, it is the path of reuniting you with your True Divine Nature.  Committing to diving into your exploration of who you are opens the flow of Grace for the potential union with Self that guides us into transcendence of suffering. 

Spiritual Alchemy

The interal process of Spiritual Alchemy is an ongoing cycle of Transformation

This is a Continuing Process of Transformation through these 7 Stages ~ this is not a 1 time deal! If you look with honesty at your life and the patterns of events you will recognise these patterns repeating. Although seemingly they will present slightly altered. You gained something the last time you encountered them, You will gain even deeper insight this time. If you study this gift of the mystical you will become a navigator of your internal transformation and co-creator of the life that flows through you.

Spiritual Emergence
Spiritual Emergency

Spiritual Emergence is a natural process of human growth and transformation, it is also a natural process that is little understood and therefore misread when it is occurring. It can be characterised by heightened, expanded awareness, deeper experience of  sensitivity to not only self and individual but to the collective experience of interconnection presenting us with more bounteous connections when we are held within a framework of understanding. If however it is a spontaneous unexpected event triggered by a traumatic life event for someone who has little or no understanding or experience of the spiritual aspects of life it can be a frightening experience that is very challenging to navigate unassisted.


Energy Disentanglement is the intangible process that is occurring as we work in the energetic fields of your inner world and outer worlds.


These depleting entanglements are not only with people living, they are with those we have lost in this life, those in our ancestral lineage and those from other lives we have been in a Soul contract with.

Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

Soul Speaks

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

The Conscious Alchemist

Next Group Starting Soon

My Approach

I'm for those Seekers now ready to raise their game, to show up, step up and face with gentle Observation in Loving Compassion the stories you've been telling yourself.


I'm for the Seekers who have walked into the abyss maybe decades ago, maybe recently and have now found a Crack in the void. You had great courage then to step into your potential for change.

I am not for everyone nor am i meant to be.  You see we are all here on individual but paradoxically collective paths to reweave the imbalances of humanity through generations. We have Soul groups, 'families' networks that align with our particular Thread. 

Those who find me are reweaving threads that I too have come to clear. Those who are working the same piece of the Divine tapestry as myself will recognise through their intuitive Knowing what I speak of hear and feel drawn to walking this terrain with my Guidance.   

Bookings ~ Consessions  
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Consessions available 


Block Booking of 6 Sessions Gifts you with a Free 7th Session

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My clients mostly book blocks of 6 sessions to focus on commitment to their ongoing process of spiritual development and wisdom integration

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Contact me if you would like to explore what would work best for your current presentations of challenges, questions experiences you are facing alone  

About me





Today I am a guide and mentor, an intuitive visionary into the Soul, into the Heart, into the Mind - individual and Collective and into the humanness of US.


Today I can offer this multifaceted pathway of self discovery only because I have walked this terrain myself.  Today I can truly say I offer you my Soul Purpose - to guide you to find yours.


Today has only become possible through my diving deeply into my life as Karen in all her aspects and walking with Spirit into the deepest darkest places of fear and suffering and finding a pathway out into the Light of what our lives here are meant for - mine and Yours!

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“Karen is respected by me to such an extent that when I took 6 months to work in Thailand running a  new rehab, I immediately asked if Karen would join us there. Initially her work with us was as Skype sessions to assist our clients.  Now we were watching Karen have her impact across the globe and the results in client healing were astonishing for us to see. Modem to modem or face to face, Karen was having an impact.  Karen has unique abilities and connection to energy which is why I keep returning both personally and professionally.” 


Martin Holmes ~ UK

I met Karen Leys in Standing Rock Sioux tribe reservation in North Dakota U.S.A. where we were both called by spirit to serve and assist in any way we were able. And Karen certainly did that countless times! She assisted many there who were dealing with past or current trauma that was being stimulated again at this time, including myself! I had never witnessed police brutality and oppression at the scope I was faced with there. And to be honest much of what I experienced there was very hard for me to cope with and process. Truly if my friend Karen hadn't been there as a supportive, compassionate, loving person in my life at the time the whole experience would have been much harder. I am thankful for your influence in my journey and I whole heartedly suggest to anyone who Is on the fence about whether or not to do seek therapeutic Guidance with her to go through with it. Your mind body and spirit will thank you after! Thank you again Karen I will never forget the insights you helped me reach. 

Nick R ~ USA

Are You Ready To Dive In?

Now THE Crack you have come to is the pathway into the Light! This Crack of Light you see is your alignment to Divinity's path of manifestation in Fullness. Now your Spirit is hoping and your Soul is calling you into the greatest Courage to transformation you have so far been called to - Absolute Surrender - a falling fully into Acceptance with Absolute Surrender fear cannot exist in the same space - their frequencies do not match. Here Transfiguration in the Presence of Grace can emerge through YOU!


Are you ready to consciously engage in the 7 stages of Spiritual Alchemy?













Quotes to Stir The Soul


“If we could learn to live from the level of the soul, we would see that the best, most luminous part of ourselves is connected to all the rhythms of the universe.

We would truly know ourselves as the miracle-makers we are capable of being.

We would lose fear, and longing, and hatred, and anxiety, and hesitation.

Living from the level of the soul means diving past the ego, past the limitations of the mind that harness us to events and outcomes in the physical world”.



Deepak Chopra

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Nab E ~UK

Karen has been a key figure in my life, She was a massive part on my journey towards having a open mind and an awakening from chronic drug addiction and trauma. Her skills and her energy and professionalism at her talent I must say and job are truly remarkable! She helped me with healing and therapy, She guided me through my process with empathy and mindfulness, Love and compassion

Karolina ~ UK

My sessions with Karen are I have come to discover not therapy but personal Satsang ~ Karolina 2020 UK

Inga ~ Germany

For the first time in my life probably, here was someone who instantly and fully understood when I tried to explain some of my less explicable life experiences and could then go beyond and kind of project things onto a map coherently for me.

Bam! There were sudden leaps in my own understanding and integration process