About Beyond The Body
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Beyond The Body was the name given to me by Spirit in 2003 to create this space.

The first incarnation was of a physical space then it morphed when the first website for Beyond The Body was created in 2007! This space here, Beyond The Body has evolved as I, Karen have evolved over the decades. Now is the ReBirth of my Calling as a Guide & Mentor for those ready for the waves of Pure Potentiality flooding our Consciousness in 2020…..

Our Truest, Fullest, Greatest Divine potential lies BEYOND THE BODY, it lies BEYOND THE known, BEYOND the belief constructs of the past and the future, it lies BEYOND anything that humanity has up to this very point established as our reality.


Our Fullest Divine potential is something that can flower only when we are no longer caught within the limitations of our conditioning, both personal and collective. BEYOND the realm of the mind, beyond the limitations of humanity’s conditioned consciousness, lies that which can be called the Sacred. And it is from the Sacred that a new and fluid Consciousness is born ~ that which lies in the unyet born ~ Consciousness that dissolves the threads of that which has surpassed its service creating the ground for the emergence of Life flowering the undivided expression of Beingness. This expression of Beingness is neither personal nor impersonal, neither spiritual nor worldly rather it is the expression of existence BEYOND all notions of self.


This I now know to be the True meaning of the space here known as BEYOND THE BODY

Beyond The Body is the next frontier if you have heard the call of your Soul Self

Beyond The Body ~ the perfect combination of words for your journey with me. We must explore self beyond our body, our 5 senses and beyond stories we have collected as self.

Beyond The Body is where we will find our deepest wisdom's, our intuitive nature, the worlds beyond our current perceptions and the doorways to unlock the yearnings you have been pulled by for so long now.


MY Soul Service Calling through  Beyond The Body has been evolving these past 3 decades as I have walked in full Trust in my own spiritual unfolding to be a conduit for Grace to find its way into the lives of those who find their way to me. Many, many of these are teachers and guides to others on the path of healing in its many forms. I have travelled to many places globally, worked with great teachers, shaman, pioneers in the mind, body spirit field of human potential all to be the greatest version of mySelf for my work with others.


This website and the guidance and mentoring I offer is not going to be for everyone neither is it meant to be. If you have found your way here and you are committed to your unfolding spiritual path then you will already know there are no quick fixes, no cheats or shortcuts ~ in fact if you are a serious student of your Soul unfoldment then you will already have some experience of knowing any quick fix you may have found and used previously was just that  -  a sticking plaster to staunch the bleeding and not the salve to heal the wound.  The only cheats that were inflicted were upon yourself and a block to the wisdoms of your greatest potential. And the only short cuts are loops to take you back into the illusions you hoped to avoid. This is a place of self discovery of your inner doorways to Source.


This space here in the interconnected web, is just a platform for me to share my small and paradoxically ever so precious gift of my Soul to All who may find their way here. Just as All who find their way here are questing to mine the jewel that is your small but paradoxically ever so precious gift of your Soul.


Beyond the Body and the I of Karen are one and the same...

They are my Soul 's Wisdoms to you. So as you move around this site maybe reading MY Story or About Beyond the Body or any of the other pages or articles here if you can please hold that I Am within all that is here, it IS I.

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