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My Approach

I am a therapist and a guide who has extensively trained and lived my personal and spiritual life through these teachings in the Mind, Body and the Esoteric fields for the past 3 decades. Each training I undertook and each plunge into my challenges in life were a conscious undertaking in the puzzle pieces of my personal pain and suffering and ultimate growth. 


I gained deep and wide wisdom's into what it meant for me to be a human being and to heal myself at all these levels. These studies took me to many countries around the globe, found me in the company of many great wisdom pioneers in the consciousness revolution of understanding the energetic existence of us as intricately interconnected humans and of the power we hold as co-creators of our individual and the collective 'reality' of Life.  


Everything I offer here are systems of healing I have worked with personally for over 3 decades and only share them now with you because my life has flourished since bringing these all together in my own life to heal the sickness I carried mind body and spirit.  We are a multilevel system and as such can only fully heal if we tackle our conditions from a multilevel approach.

I have worked in the therapeutic world since 1999 mostly in addiction recovery both in day services and residential detox & rehabilitaion facilities while also working in private practice throughout this time.

My Guidance now is so very complex to the mind, yet so very simple once we uncover the knowledge and wisdom we hold within as our True Nature.  I had to trust an inner world that was opening to me to find my way to teachings that would ultimately assist in my healing process today I offer those ready to transform their lives the support that was not available to me 3 decades ago. 


As we explore, reappraise, release all that our experience of life has told us about who we are we move into a space of Integrative Consciousness. This process of ‘therapy’ ‘healing’ self realisation has emerged through my practice over the last 3 decades as an inevitable effect of the new science, global conscious awakening, and the collapse of social, cultural and religious norms. Through willingness to shift from the mindset we have mainly be living in that which sees life and all its sum parts as individual, separate, different ~ the Newtonian Mechanical universe, towards an experience of life as unified, collective, undifferentiated at its finest level. Here we can intentionally open into the quantum world of consciousness.


The nature of my working process enables me to work with clients carrying the many sufferings of the human condition. These can be presenting as physical, emotional & psychological & spiritual conditions, signs and symptoms, as such this deepens in the fluency and language of symbols, myths, and archetypes and patterns that reflect in soul language as the agreements the soul made prior to our birth.

·         Disidentification is the tool we use to discover our identity as consciousness itself. This is a radical and profound experience with many levels of understanding, and the process has a potential to reveal the different stages of the self, from the personal to the Universal Self

·         Letting go of the identifications we have embedded as belief constructs with our body, emotions, thoughts, roles and behaviour we gradually come to into awareness there is an Observer Beyond these aspects of what we call ‘ME’.

The purpose developing awareness of Observer was to train the esoteric student and now the psychotherapeutic client to discover him/herself as a loving observer of self to assist in the ‘looking on’ as thoughts, feelings, actions  arise allowing consciousness opening space to realise the True Self.

The process of awareness, intuitive listening, Present moment action combine to transmute the entangled energies

·         Guiding clients this way assists development in the connection with all the different states of consciousness that are arising within all levels of our full self and accept this movement of arising in thoughts, feelings, physiological responses without resisting, supressing or withdrawing from what is arising. The emergence of a rounded fullness of Somatic Awareness is awakened. This acceptance in observation without attachment creates potential for reframing and release of past trauma. In particular the previously unacknowledged lower and middle unconscious can come into awareness for creating a loving space where we can hold in compassion our suffering and pain.

·         The discovery of the Will and of great importance the aspects of Will that are coexisting but usually without our knowledge. As we discover the aspects of Will – Good, Strong, Skilfull, Transcendant/Universal Will, we are empowered in cultivating each aspect to enable a wonderful and profound use of our full willpower.

·         The subject of Will is vast and profound but the first step is to know these aspects usually are distorted if not dormant and training of Will aspects is part of the harmonising all of our fullest nature.

·         The Will becomes a factual reality when we experience the-will-to-be-self. The Will is the living force driving our need for authenticity and uniqueness there’s not much freedom or joy in observing and accepting that we are slaves to limiting attachments if we have no means of liberation from these.


What I offer are not a quick fix solution for problems, illnesses or issues ~ although paradoxically amazing breakthroughs occur rapidly. Your healing process is ultimately your personal responsibility, it is not up to anyone else to make you feel, or be better. We are all on our own journeys towards health and wholeness. However we  are able to offer each other assistance, support, Guidance and love. This is what I offer you.... a space of peace, clarity and safety, for you to discover and realise your true identity and purpose. Through the use of the treatments, therapies, products and workshops you can decipher your purpose. As you do so this will manifest in positive health and life choices, illnesses and situations that have been challenging will begin to dissolve, in place of these I hope ultimately you will begin to find your True, Authentic Self and Purpose.

We are all individual fragments of the Divine. Your life here on earth is to honour the discovery of your Truth and bring this into manifestation on this planet. With assistance from Divine Beings you will to discover your own inner guidance – your Soul voice and the voices of the many guides and inspirers who have been assigned to you on your journey to wholeness.

With Loving Blessings



If you decide working with me is for you 

If you feel you would like to explore having guidance from me lets meet for a chat.

All my work is online so we can arrange a zoom or skype call for this.


Not only is it of utmost importance you feel you wish to pursue this exploration, it is as important I too feel we are suited for you to gain the greatest benefit. This initial call is free of charge to establish if we are suited for your depth work. 


There are 1000's of therapists, shaman, lightworkers etc to facilitate the 1000's seeking healing and guidance, you will Know who is for you. I will not and do not take on Guidance of others to earn a living ~ if we are not suited I will say.   If you would like to arrange a call time please  


Cheryl G ~ UK

"... In the short time I spent working with Karen; I found her understanding and acceptance of my individuality really helpful and reassuring. Karen has intuitiveness and insight into holistic health which some can only hope to achieve."

Paul H – Essex UK

"When I was asked to describe Karen's sessions in a few words, I found that difficult as a few words to encapsulate our sessions together seems impossible . Karen truly is a healer in all aspects. her sympathetic yet direct approach to my problems and combination of somatic, energy and talking therapies has changed the way I live and think for the better with an understanding of spiritual well- being despite being very sceptical at first. Karen truly is an angel. She probably saved my life

Irene C - UK

"... I had been intrigued by meditation for a long time and when the opportunity came to join Karen's meditation group I tentatively took part. I was not disappointed, it has opened up my life and helped me in so many ways.