Soul Work

Soulwork is the path to union with your True Nature. When we learn how to listen to and reclaim our True Nature, or Soul, we are opening to the fullest connection Spirit ~ our Luminous Self to be Graced with the transcendence of suffering.  We  embody unconditional love, exist in the field of Divine Peace that is undisturbed, and will  be the fullest expression of our Divinity.  When we live from the Soul in Spirit we are immediately able to understand the Sacredness of Life ~ ALL Life.


Soulwork requires real dedication and commitment, it is the path of reuniting you with your True Divine Nature.  Committing to diving into your exploration of who you are opens the flow of Grace for the potential union with Self that guides us into transcendence of suffering.  When we live with our Soul Essence flowing through our human self we immediately experience insights enabling us to understand our Sacred life purpose. We begin to discover the truth of who we are as we set out on the path of the spiritual seeker ~ only the paradox of this seeking is there is no seeking to be done! We already are all that we believe we are seeking. This paradox will both initially perplex in its complexity then point you to the simplicity that there is nothing to seek!


Mostly we begin to hear to call of our Soul through the cycles of pain and suffering accumulated through a life led with this wisdom nature denied.  As we commit ourselves to removing veils of illusion created through limited understanding of this crucial aspect of each and every human we reveal our inner light which will shine on the aspects of self seemingly lost in the dark.


While this path to Self can be supported and nourished by others, it is ultimately an inwardly solitary path that demands courage, trust in the intangible nature of existence, faith in a bigger picture that we are part of but not central to – here we experience the paradox of the universe as impersonal but deeply intimate. When we commit to our individual path to esoteric truths of the Divine we ultimately unite with the collective Divine Plan and transcend our human limitations embroiled in fear, desire, control……… 

By learning how to listen to our Souls whisperings we find a host of powerful guidance that will lay at our feet all that is necessary to ensure you deliver the contracted gift you came into this world with to offer in the assistance to others.

Because the vast majority of us have lost touch with our True Nature as Soul in form, we are collectively experiencing a host of mental, physical and spiritual illnesses such as chronic disease, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, addiction, and abuse.


Whether directly or indirectly, this entire website is dedicated to Soulwork ~ the process of spiritually maturing into the field of pure potentiality for alignment and embodiment of the Luminous Self.

In order to listen to our Souls and become awakened beings, we must commit ourselves removing everything that obscures our inner light and keeps us stranded in darkness. Common blockages include conditioned beliefs that have formed as our belief constructs that we build feedback from perceived external experiences which create our individual, societal, cultural, racial ideals, dogmas holding both active and repressed, embedded thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Our childhood experiences and wounds as we developed will also be intrinsic to our current perception of who we believe we are. BUT beneath all of this conditioning I want you to notice the quiet inner tone that has been like a sonar, beeping in the background of all of this, catching your attention on and off through all these years of your life. This distance, constant sonar has been patiently waiting for you to hear and follow its tone to your True Self.  


By learning how to listen to our Souls and removing all inner blockages, we open a doorway to experiencing liberation and direct Knowing of Divinity.

People who incorporate Soulwork into their daily lives have experienced

  • Clarity

  • Heightened ( and trust in)  intuition

  • A sense of meaning in life

  • Love for self

  • Peace of mind

  • Improved relationships

  • More energy and physical vitality

  • Empathy

  • Development of Higher faculties ~ faith, vigour (energy/commitment/endeavour) mindfulness/Awareness, samadhi ( the highest stage in meditation, in which a person experiences oneness and wisdom.

All the automatically generate a decrease in as they cannot exist in the same space

  • depression and anxiety

  • fear

  • loneliness

  • anger

  • judgement

  • guilt

  • shame


Samsara in Hindu and Buddhist practice is the endless cycle of life, death, rebirth from which adherents seek liberation. Samsara is a feature of a life based on illusion (maya), Illusion binds the person to think they are an autonomous being, central to their own life and separate from the interconnectedness of ALL Life.    This intellectuall Belief construct in the illusion is the seed of the creation of suffering. Soulwork will remove the veils of illusion thus the notion of suffering dissolves!

Spiritual Alchemy

The interal process of Spiritual Alchemy is an ongoing cycle of Transformation

This is a Continuing Process of Transformation through these 7 Stages ~ this is not a 1 time deal! If you look with honesty at your life and the patterns of events you will recognise these patterns repeating. Although seemingly they will present slightly altered. You gained something the last time you encountered them, You will gain even deeper insight this time. If you study this gift of the mystical you will become a navigator of your internal transformation and co-creator of the life that flows through you.

The 7 stages

1 Calcination

The process of calcination is the beginning stage in alchemy.  To calcine something is to burn it until it’s reduced to ashes.
This is the false identity or poisoning ego that fights desperately for its survival. Is crucial to remove it from our inner selves. That way we will step up into a new level of spirituality.
To be free from the impurities of an inflated pride, let a new self be purified, to achieve the maturity of the soul.


2 Dissolution

This kind of operation demands a cycle of meditation, which is crucial for a successful dilution of the parts into a fluid condition.
“The consequence of true meditation is an accurate perception that all things within us and in creation are fundamentally of the same primal substance.”
The operation occurs in the interior to opening-up our energy channels, recharging every single cell.


3 Separation

This stage is defined by the division of thoughts and emotions acquired by the dissolution. The separation of the elements allows us to observe them more clearly. Their true nature and shape are finally exposed to us. Such manifestation dissipates the fog of ignorance and obstinacy. The door of self-improvement lets the light of dawn in.

This process aware us about our authentic feelings. The violence of reality might find us off guard, but this could be the only true way to move forward. The light may hurt our eyes at first, but will soon reveal our paths.


4 Conjunction

The separated elements demand a new combination to find the balance. The male and female principles are significant for every human being and its physical and spiritual lucidity.
The conjunction provides a bed for the royal marriage between the Sun (the male) and the Moon (the female) which is the improvement and evolution of the spiritual self in its search for perfection.


5 Fermentation

The stage of Fermentation is also a metaphor for pregnancy and fecundation.  Like an inspiration from above that reanimates and enlightens the soul.
This is a two-part process. Firstly the “Putrefaction” takes the father and the mother. Matter is allowed to breakdown and decompose. They die so the child can be born, their bodies will be the fertiliser for the seed. As we experience this phase our consciousness confronts the darker side.
In the second part the conjunction child  is born. The forces of the spirit Above are merged with the matter below.  


6 Distillation

Distillation is the process of boiling the elixirs to increase purity.

“In Distillation many bitter, sharp, and acrid things become very sweet, like honey, sugar, or manna ; and, on the other hand, many sweet things, such as honey, sugar, or manna(…)” Paracelsus
The final purge before the enlightenment happens in this stage. There are no impurities left, the environment for a spiritual apotheosis is attained.


7 Coagulation

The perfect substance is found. In the most physical way, we observe a fluid state change into a thickened mass. This process is a metaphor for the elevated self.
The maturity is  finally achieved and the body, spirit and soul find the perfect balance between themselves. We will become truly free from the mind and our consciousness is able to connect spirit and soul in perfect harmony. We watch the rebirth of a beautiful new being.


If you are ready to deeply understand the wisdom held in this process of transformation I guide Seekers through a 9 week immersion of these fundemental, organic, processes of evolution.


These 7 stages are in constant flow of nature - our nature and ALL that is in existance, only our resistance to change is the obstacle. This resistance is one of the foundations of your experience of suffering.


You will find more insight into this Guidance Immersion on the Conscious Alchemist course page. We will explore the hidden in plain sight wisdoms that are signposts for us throughout ancient and contempary texts. For our journey we will also be exploring the Hero's Journey so beautifully entwined with the 7 stages of spiritual alchemy....... And so much more. So....... Are you ready?   

Each gathering we will explore the phases of Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation & Coagulation & the stages of The Hero's Journey - The Call, Refusal of the Call, Supernatural Aid, Crossing the First Threshold, Belly of the Whale, Road of Trials, Meeting with the Goddess, Temptation. Attonement with the Father, Apostasis, The Ultimate Boon, Refusal of Return, Magic Flight, Rescue from Without, Crossing the Return Threshold, Master of Two Worlds, Freedom to Live!