Integrative Consciousness
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Alignment through mindful awareness with clear intention.

Integrative Consciousness Therapy has emerged through my practice over the last 3 decades as an inevitable effect of the new science, global conscious awakening, and the collapse of social, cultural and religious norms. Through willingness to shift from the mindset we have mainly be living in that which sees life and all its sum parts as individual, separate, different ~ the Newtonian Mechanical universe, towards an experience of life as unified, collective, undifferentiated at its finest level. Here we can intentionally open into the quantum world of consciousness.



We coexist in the Newtonian and the quantum worlds but what is it that brings these 2 worlds together? The space, the gap between these worlds is the most fertile and powerful nanopoint we mostly unconsciously inhabit. Here in the interplay of these 2 paradoxical worlds is the potential  pathway and its ability to manifest in your form world is through the synaptic pathways firing through our brains electrical system.


Here is where our mind holds its greatest power – the power to align and draw in this is the point of Light frequency connection that is the cauldron of spiritual alchemy. We are all living between worlds simultaneously although many have no awareness of this so have little or no ability in the process of co creating through the quantum into the reality of our dense, gravitational world.     


Everything is energy in differentiated, fragmented Consciousness ~ working within this understanding we explore Consciousness as ALL and through exploration of your current belief constructs we recalibrate, align and open potential for embodiment of Your Truest Self ~ the Divine Human!  


The Universe ~ Source ~ God is so very impersonal yet so Divinely intimate...............

YOU are the interplay of Being and Doing.......... Do Be Do Be Do ~ the dance of Life is happening THROUGH YOU NOT TO YOU..................................... Through the synaptic pathways neurotransmitters are dancing across!


Your Soul and the breath of Spirit IS Beingness, it’s residence is in the quantum field of pure potentiality~ your human self is it's Doingness an it’s residence in the Newtonian field of the mechanical! Both these ‘worlds’ paradoxically co-exist and xo-create reality as YOU Know it! Without you as human form your Soul has no means of expression to deliver it's unique and Sacred Gifts.

By embodying the paradoxical wisdoms of the nonduality of existence while inhabiting this reality of duality we open the floodgates to the fullness of our True Nature!

Then when Consciousness is liberated form the struggle between nonduality and duality and concurrent existence is truly embodied oh then we become the greatest form of co-creators required for the service of humanity ~ we bring our ‘heavenly Self’ into incarnation through form our ‘earthly self’ ~ we BeCome the transfigured self ~ the Luminous Self infinite and the ultimate expression of Heaven on Earth!

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Immanent Somatic Awareness

The Somatic body-based talking therapy I have been refining for the past 2 decades is for the development of acute and in the moment somatic awareness as one of your most powerful tools of information when you begin working with held trauma wounds and belief constructs that present as blocks and recurring patterns for you.


The beautiful synergy of mindful awareness, learning skills to stay present while recognising that the trauma replaying was a past occurrence replaying in your field of current consciousness and that it is not occurring now but is a memory being replayed through your senses. With Immanent Somatic awareness development of this visceral experience due to a trigger opens the capacity of relieving physical, emotional and psychological shock, stress and trauma.


It can help relieve pain and anxiety, restore your sense of self, your curiosity for life, your ability to love and be loved, and encourages a curiosity, confidence and joy in life, even in the face of the greatest challenges. How? Because we will become aware we are NOT our physical body, we are NOT our thoughts and we are NOT our emotional feelings.  We are spiritual beings having these experiences.  

It is a beautifully simple and powerful process that works with the body's natural self-regulating systems.


Wild animals are regularly threatened with death yet overall rarely become traumatised. The highly charged energy released in their body enables them to fight back or run away or freeze – play dead is discharged when the threat has passed. It is this primitive discharge process that helps the animal return to full normal health and not become overwhelmed.

We are all naturally equipped with the same capacity to overcome overwhelming experiences, yet we also have a rational brain that frequently 'rejects' the powerful primal instinct of the body. The result is that huge fight/flight/freeze energy gets trapped in our nervous system and held in our energy matrix subpersonality bodies where it can lead to symptoms; sometimes immediately, sometimes years later as the trauma experience is replayed as in real time as the physiological processes of the brain cannot differentiate what is past replay of memory, a rumination through worry of what may come or present, immanent circumstance  so will deploy the chemistry to ensure your survival from the perceived threat.  


I will guide you to develop focussed awareness through a gentle process of sensing and tracking, internally and externally, can lead to a renegotiation of traumatic experiences that have been 'stored in the body'. This can have a profoundly positive effect on your ability to recover and put the past where it belongs.

I offer an integrated therapeutic approach that differs from regular talking therapy in that it is multidisciplinary and utilises several therapeutic modalities to best support your individual healing journey.


No two clients are the same although they may present with similar issues, therefore I tailor my interventions according to the needs of the individual and not your symptoms.


I offer a truly holistic approach holding space for your thoughts, feelings, discomforts and for your greatest potential spirit and soul to emerge…..


My initial training in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy in 2000 underpins all my interventions, as its philosophy is to see the individual as a whole being rather than being captivated by ones psychopathology and symptoms alone.

In my on-going professional and personal practice I continue to be dedicated to researching the most effective training resources to best serve those who come to me for guidance and have developed my integrative approach by training in several fields. A number of these include Psychosynthesis, Shamanic work including journeying, working with our spirit animals as messengers, working with our ancestors and spirit Guides for the tracking and gathering of information to assist clearing our primal wound. I have studied with many Esoteric schools since 1990 in the understanding of our Human and Soul Energy fields, Creative Visualisation, Present Moment Awareness Meditation and Mindfulness.

Neuroscience based re-patterning, EFT with Matrix Re-Imprinting, Addictions work, Group Facilitation.

I intuitively draw in whatever modality is needed in each moment of your heling journey with me and together we can develop a way of working that is organic, dynamic, and immanent. Utilising a somatic awareness approach to trauma assists you in becoming familiar with physiological, natural effects of your bodies chemistry responses to thoughts, events, triggers enabling you flow with the cascading sensations instead of experiencing fear of these sensations with an awareness that grows to show you all these physiological responses pass. “This too shall pass”  

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