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About Me

In the beginning all the avenues I took were for my personal healing of illness and to understand somehow my pain and suffering and why I was living a life full of fear, rage, arrogance, judgement with all the behaviours that are associated with these propelling my life and relationships in very painful and destructive ways for me and those around me.  I was blessed I now know to have found a doorway into spiritual development that was a pillar of my journey to NOW. I sat in sacred circles for meditation and the beginnings of learning about myself as spirit, soul and an interconnected Being in the great mysteries of Soul having human experience.  I had little knowledge then that I had stepped onto a path, a path of transformation. Introspective open seeking, contemplative practice with my Spirit Guides, following their pointings with Trust prevented me walking head-on into more disastrous situations or missing the steps of the Soul path I was being guided on.  I began to open up a whole new way of being in the world: my intuitive nature sharpened, my inner vision and abilities to commune within deepened and expanded and continued through the following 30 years.


For all of my remembered life, I have been questioning Life. As a child I would often contemplate the nature of Existence. I had many experiences of Divinity through feeling a safeness and closeness to Christ, Angelic realms and energies of other dimensions. With all this ‘support’how did I feel so lonely, insignificant, unloved and unheard in my earthly life? The pain and sadness I carried, was to be a guiding light for my ongoing journey in the illusion of separation to Wholeness.

I now Know this is my spark of Divinity, the individualised aspect of the Divine which had fragmented to become ‘Karen’ for the experience of form self as apparatus within the multifaceted Beauty of existence ~ although through the first 25 years of my life I had little or no awareness of this Beauty only of the sufferings of the mind and all the darkness it can bring in thoughts, belief constructs, narratives generated through my attachments to egoic illusion ~ Maya.

Being in Knowing, the Witness that cannot be witnessed is the culmination in this life existence as Karen ~ to Know the illusions of the egomind to See the curiosity of the sufferings perceived  


For the first 10 or more years of my own healing process and learning there was no inclination or motivation in me that pursued working with others. After around 10 years of my own healing journey paths began opening for me to work with others, even so I knew my own untangling from the Illusion was an ongoing journey.  I had experienced profound transformation in my physical, mental and emotional health, guidance in the form on inner wisdom began to emerge and subtly direct my day to day living. Opportunities opened to work with leaders in the field of mind/body medicine, pioneers back in the 80s and 90s were coming to my awareness and the language they spoke I had an intuitive knowing arising in myself. (see qualifications, trainings, experience pg)

At this time too we had no or very limited access to the internet, it was through a spiritual book magazine that I found life changing books, events, conferences and courses. The thirst in me at that time seemed unquenchable, my soul had been parched for far too long in this life and now I had found a small pool to sip from. The pool became an ocean and the sips opened to guzzling as much and as often as was humanly possible!  




When I began working with others from the start my work was propelled by my passion to share with others what I myself had directly experienced in the transformation of my own health. Helping others heal and transform in the way that I had come to experience was the energies that propelled this. From day one, and even before I had fully untangled from my chronic, limiting and sometimes immobilising ‘illnesses’ I threw myself into more and more study of ancient spiritual wisdoms and pioneering medical wisdoms of energy medicine. My path led me to working in addiction which I was to find was the tip of the sickness iceberg my clients were presenting. Nearly all my clients had experienced major trauma in their childhood that was expressing through their addiction here and now in their present life. My clients included those with post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder as survivors of severe sexual, physical or family abuse the loss of self, safety and connection these experiences and the seemingly unconnected signs and symptoms being presented.


I wanted to understand what was energetically occurring in their psychology and the physiology and how this was connected to their spiritual life whether this was active in them or an unconscious aspect they had no relationship with – I was sensing the interconnectedness of their whole being, I was beginning to See the entanglement of the Mind in the outplaying of their ongoing suffering, chaos, pain and sense of helplessness. My work was in assisting them to bring into consciousness that which was held in their unconscious selves, energetic aspects split off into the Divine Field to hold the trauma as a separate but always entangled energy entity to allow as much as possible the individual to get through life!   


My unique bio-psycho-spiritual way of working was being born and now 3 decades on this profound evolution is assisting so many to experience themselves as multifaceted, quantum energetic beings – The Soul, Luminous Self and a Being of Divinity no religion had ever taught us as possible!.    This specialism came from the gapping wounds of my own life experience that I was gaining insight and validation through the powerful work of others at this time -  that the mind-body-soul connection was intrinsic in true Holisitic transformation.  


Little did I know that this pathway was not only my personal journey of transformation but it was intrinsically linked with my ancestral and collective journey too. You see I was carrying a thread that was pulsating with wounds of abuse, trauma, violation that I chose to carry in and clear for the reweaving in the Collective to shift these wounds of humanity. The patterns carried in were also to be born within my child, our journey together to her 29th year were for the cultivation of Compassion, Acceptance, Surrender, Trust and Love of the highest divine resonance in the face of these deep, deep painful and dark wounds. 


My intention is to assist you in the removal of the veils of illusion your current belief structures that bind you. I bring a view from not only above, the cosmic collective, the universal psyche but also its reflection we hold of it within. These places you have not sought to look at yet will be your guiding Light. These are the unconscious aspects of our wounds holding all the information of how we have arrived at this profound and extra~ordinary moment of global and personal transformation.

I'm for those Seekers now ready to raise their game, to show up, step up and face with gentle Observation in Loving Compassion the stories you've been telling yourself.

I'm for the Seekers who have walked into the abyss maybe decades ago, maybe recently and have now found a Crack in the void. You had great courage then to step into your potential for change.

Now THE Crack you have come to is the pathway into the Light! This Crack of Light you see is your alignment to Divinity's path of manifestation in Fullness. Now your Spirit is hoping and your Soul is calling you into the greatest Courage to transformation you have so far been called to - Absolute Surrender - a falling fully into Acceptance with Absolute Surrender fear cannot exist in the same space - their frequencies do not match. Here Transfiguration in the Presence of Grace can emerge through YOU!

The Guidance I offer now is a profound pathway to assisting you with not only a deeper and clearer knowing of who you truly are as soul in human form but it naturally effects, transforms and alleviates signs and symptoms of the physical, emotional, psychological sufferings you have been so far experiencing in you life. You will experience these clearings without having to directly focus on these as we will together be moving into the deeper spaces in your psyche and physiology that are holding these conditions in place in the frequencies of consciousness you experience at present. 

This list below is not exhaustive ~ working in this way From the Inside Out ~ effects changes in the presentations of many life conditions that cause pain & suffering.

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and Phobias

  • Spiritual Emergence

  • Spiritual emergency

  • Grief, Loss, or Bereavement

  • Life Transitions

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • All forms of Abuse

  • Addictions

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Pain Management 

  • Health Concerns

  • Other Issues 


Lorraine Cohen ~ USA

These are powerful times to be releasing what no longer serves us at the deepest level. Knowing when you need assistance and getting the help from gifted professionals like Karen Leys can make a huge difference in how you move through the experience. Asking for help is ALWAYS an act of self-love and self-care. We are all in this together.  Want some help from someone who is the real deal and will lovingly call you on your BS and so much more? It's Karen Leys, period!


Karen allowed me a safe space to be myself; I was enlightened by the sessions that took place. I felt that I was able to let go of year’s ill feeling towards those people whom had hurt me in my journey in life.  I had a new outlook.  Considering I had been in therapy since the age 15 searching, I found something transformative on that night.

Inga ~ Germany

Karen found ways to challenge my inner saboteurs - kindly and encouragingly, but also cutting right through to the essence within seconds - which helped me to even begin seeing them more clearly now where they were previously so good at hiding... 

It´s still very much an ongoing journey but my sense of Self, of my own power and standing in the world is declaring itself.