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My ‘Training’ began with my opening, my heart breaking opening in the early years of my 3rd decade here as Karen. I was propelled onto a path that began with sitting weekly in a spiritual development circle for 5 years – this was the beginnings of the deep and true relationship I now have with The Divine, my Soul and the Guiding team that assists and supports this life’s path.

My path blew open with the deep, deep rage I could no longer contain. I was being guided to begin to look paradoxically at this ~ What else could I do to transform this rage than dive deeply into Compassion.  To my wounded mind this made no sense but I was ready to listen to this strong guiding voice within. To begin to understand of Compassion ~ where best to find what this looked like than to the embodiment of this as the Incarnate Buddha of Compassion The Dali Lama. Tibetan Buddhism was where my Guidance first led me alongside the work of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan intertwined with the Pantheist nature of life I came to be shown here on this planet and through the multilevels of existence from which we emerge from and are immersed in were all foundations of pathways for me to walk to gather knowledge and wisdom for the integration the interconnectivity of Life.


These pathways were my initial study and today these still ripen my growth with each immersion into their Sacred wisdoms.


The intellectual, practical and exploratory trainings I was pointed to were of the physical human body, its workings on the anatomical and physiological as well as the energetic interplay of life working, moving through these levels.


The study of the human mind the Transpersonal Psychology Training in Psychosynthesis and its interconnection with the emotional world of what makes us who we become was an important aspect in the study. I was being guided to Know deeply who we are as Soul and Spirit inhabiting a human vehicle. 

An independent Initiate of the Lucian Trust it’s guidings and teachings of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan on its path of Discipleship. “This is a word in constant use among spiritual aspirants of the world, both of the East and the West.  It is the stage of evolution in which men and women knowingly pledge themselves to consciously and joyfully fulfil the requirements of the soul which operates under the Law of Love and knows no separation.   To achieve this they choose to submit themselves to a sequential course of meditation and study which produces a rapid unfoldment of the power and the life of the soul.” Lucian Trust
This is the path I have trodden the past 3 decades. 

My focussed study & trainingof who we are has held three fundamental requirements:- meditation, study and service to humanity. “Those who voluntarily undertake this self-training in the science of the soul are noted for their sincerity of purpose, purity of motive and persistence in the face of all obstacles and difficulties”. The propulsion has been sequential and progressive training that required determination and commitment.

Psychosynthesis Trust Commencement ~ 1996 ~ Ongoing study to Present

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy graduation 2000. A personal first then professional journey beginning with personal exploration, gaining self-knowledge, building insight into psychospiritual development, and learning through experience creating the foundations required to move into supporting others with their psychospiritual growth and healing


The Arthur Findlay College Commencement ~ 1990

For my study and training of Spiritualist philosophy and religious practice, Spiritualist healing and awareness, spiritual and psychic unfolding and kindred disciplines. 


Gateway University ~ Angel Ministry Training Commencement ~ Ordained as a Multifatih Minister 2009

Studies and training in higher consciousness, soul-centred education with integrated curriculum from Eastern and Western, spiritual and psychological, ancient and modern approaches. Grounded in Inter-faith Ministry studies: Theology, esoteric sciences, Ancient & modern spirituality, practical, and balanced which concluded in my ordination as a non denomination, multi faith Minister.


Zenways Mindfulness Teacher  Graduation ~ 2012

Zenways Meditation & Teacher Training is rooted in the Rinzai Zen tradition. A distinguished history of teaching meditation for health, mental health and wellbeing as well as for developing insight, self knowledge and unfoldment


Usui Reiki to  Master Level ~ 2015


International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies Commencement ~ 1994
Integrated body therapies, reflexology, Champissage  


Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy Commencement ~ 1998 ITHMA

Holistic clinical Aromatherapy, Oriental Medicine and the 5 Elements, basic clinical science and chemistry, integrated anatomy and physiology for therapeutic bodymind treatments. Advanced Acupressure.


Assoc for Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques Commencement ~ 2008

EFT Level 1 & 2.  Matrix Re-Imprinting with EFT – Practitioner Level

ACEP member

I continue to study & work with teachers, guides and mentors ~ this will be ongoing to my very last breath 


Some of the human teachers I learned from,  studied, trained and/or worked with that came into my conscious awareness in the 80’s and 90’s, and hold tremendous gratitude, deep respect and ongoing connection with who have one way or another been key guiding lights in my path of embodiment include the following: first and foremost my Spirit guides ~ Soul team who pointed me to these souls in human form ~ Marilyn Feldberg, Maria Cristina Freeman,  Joseph Campbell, Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes,  Malidoma Patrice Some, Dr Roger Woolger, Dr Candece Pert, Dr Amit Goswami, Dr Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Dr Stuart Hammeroff  to name but a few.

The teachings of the Tao and the Taoist priest who guided me in esoteric Qigong to it’s wisdoms through me.

The many shaman I have been privileged to have walked with in many beautiful places this earth holds her offerings ~ Iceandic, Nepalese, Native American, most significantly my primary earth medicine guide once incarnate now working with through the dimensions between worlds ~ were some of the lands I was called to be gifted with teachings I deeply carried that were remembered to me through these magnificent ones.


Although I have come to know I innately carry an understanding that holds to Pantheism, I walked the shamanic path of practice as part of the bedrock of my commitment to my unfoldment it has been entwinned in the higher dimensional realms also ~ the Angelic realms, disembodied wisdom holders, my ancestors and the ancestors of the Soul family lineage ~ Isis and all her counterparts in wisdom carrying to me for the trainings in the energies of Ka, Khat, Sekhem and the Siddhis bestowed through their Presence with me. To Christ Consciousness and the Magdalene as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principals in my Life force of Kundalini (rising) awakening, initiation to the Union with Shiva (Descending) to the embodiment of these forces. With these I have over the many years been intimately mentored in esoteric and earth-based spiritual practices and this beautiful and intimate relationship continues and deepens as we walk this embodiment as One.   Those of the higher dimensions for whom my homage goes beyond these words and whose names here too lie beyond the expression I can offer them.


These beautiful Beings challenged me at every turn as I relentlessly shed layers of illusion to the self-image I had unconsciously formulated to find acceptance in this world.

I bend in Blessings to the Great Mystery and Spirit who moves in all things for my life for all their deep lessons and daily presence, persistence and patience, to the Shining Ones and their gifts of Majesty, Beauty, unconditional Trust and Love for me as I pledged to walk in their wisdom in Faith of their utter devotion to me to experience unequivocal Love and to perceive this as Presence even in the most challenging and to the human self - disturbing circumstances faced as human mother.


To my path of Life unfolding through me in collaboration with all mentioned above I give thanks and my recommitment to continue in each moment the ‘trainings’ ‘study’ and most of all the practices for full embodiment the Sacred contract I have committed to fulfil.

with Loving Blessings 


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