Welcome to the ReBirthing of Beyond The Body!!!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Transformation is an subtle process of Awareness, Action, Emergence

The first presentation of Beyond The Body was birthed in 2006

Today February 2021 after many labour pains and much difficulty during the birthing process here S/He is......

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All we undertake in life has many levels and many forms. Some seen but many move through the unseen worlds of the intangible. This site and I, have been through tremendous transformation since 2006 when I first launched into the web of the tech matrix! Together we have been challenged, faced great adversity and had to dig very deeply mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to face the ongoing cycles of birth, death, rebirth.

I want to, here in this Now, as you find this piece to read to know that whatever you are facing you have within you ALL you need to not only get through but to flourish ( maybe some time from Now) but you will IF you begin to trust in the quiet still voice within that has been and is your guiding Essence since you first came into Being on these lands, in this world.

I will share with you my journey only in so much as to offer you hope that you too can survive and thrive through the challenging events that we all face. Offer you guidance in how to dive deeply and mine the jewels of your Soul and Spirit to find peace. And offer you a reflection of the gifts in the challenges you maybe facing.

If you just wish to read through this site I am sure you will find something to soothe your troubles, I hope I have and will continue to post words that hold gravity of experience to support you however you wish.

As with any birth there will be growth and change, and with this can come struggle, as this Sacred space grows and evolves I hope to grow and evovle in Wisdom, Love and Union with all you who have joined me.

With Loving Blessings


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