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Online 1 - 1 Consciousness Guidance

Therapeutic Consciousness Integration ~ from limitation to Liberation

  • 1 hour
  • £70.00
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Service Description

Block booking 6 1-1 sessions receive 1 free. Have you had therapies to assist you in working with past traumas, or you are working on current challenges whether of the mind, emotions or your physical health? Have you revisited limiting ingrained thoughts, feelings & behaviours believing you’d cracked the cycle only to find yourself well and truly smack back in the throes of their debilitating symptoms again and again and realized that each time you find yourself in this place the outcomes are more and more paralyzing for you? Have you stepped onto a spiritual path to find answers to your yearning for realisations? You seek a sense of purpose, freedom from pain & suffering? Has your seeking left you with more questions than answers? Then you will find the therapeutic Consciousness Integration Guidance with all the subtle modalities I offer could be what you are ready for. These online sessions take place regularly on a weekly basis. I have been working with clients globally since 2014 and fine it to be as effective if not more so due to it's etheric nature. My clients experience our sessions as more like personal Satsang than therapy, more like experiencing profound insights as we explore their seeking questions. What is Satsang? In satsang, the commitment is to awaken, uplift, and enlighten yourselves and to unmask illusions. In short, the commitment is to know truth. Current therapeutic modalities I see often leave clients retraumatized after a session by seeking reconciliation with the past through revisiting it over and over. This leaves the client holding the unearthed pain and suffering as they go back into their daily life often feeling worse than before the session. A session with me is a beautiful, organic, immanent space that moves with whatever is ready to emerge for your recognition and release. All the modalities you will read about here on this site are never used in isolation, we will move through very naturally exploring what is emerging for you with whatever process is best serving you at each moment. Many of my clients are Lightworkers, Therapists, Healers, Energy Practitioners and Guides assisting others through their own modalites. They come to me realising they must continue to deepen their own inner work to best support others ~ we can only guide another as deeply as we have dived ourselves!

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