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The Conscious Alchemist

Transformation through Spiritual Alchemy

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9 week Deep Dive into Conscious Alchemy, the processes of integrated transformation is for serious esoteric seekers. I will guide you in a multifaceted Sacred pathway observing the constant flow through ALL aspects of Life. The ancient & medieval alchemists pursued far more than transforming lead to gold. The creed they followed most was “As above, so below,” a mystic axiom asserts the connection between the microcosm & macrocosm, Squaring the Circle – bringing Heaven (Spirit) to Earth, the embodiment of our Luminous Self, raising Earth (matter) to 'heaven. Clearing, cleansing, healing of the human apparatus – mind, body, soul to raise vibration for this embodiment into and through the physical form. This subject matter is vast and wide, deep and high and clearly this is the VERY tip of a gargantuan subject. We will be exploring the Hermetic pictogram - The Azoth, it’s 7 stages of emergence & their relation to our individual & collective experience of life, death, rebirth cycle here on earth. We will explore the operations of alchemy through the Azoth mandala used by alchemists in pursuing understanding of the processes of change. We will move through this alchemical mandala exploring the symbolic 'information' held for Those with eyes to See. We will layer this with the wisdoms in the chakra system, the Monomyth & quantum physics - the next frontier in the journey of "what is life?" Alchemy is simply the art of transformation ~ changing one form into another. Spiritual Alchemy is the art of transformation of our human apparatus, mind, emotions, physical being to embody the subtle realms Beyond the Body! Alchemy requires 3 elements: 1- a substance to be transformed, 2 a container to hold the alchemical reaction and 3 the energy awaiting transformation. With internal alchemy ‘containers’ are more abstract as are the goals. Internal alchemy is the transformation of consciousness, to accelerate ones personal evolution to finer systems. Contemplating internal alchemy the ‘container’ for alchemical reaction is awareness itself. Developing this through present moment awareness opens the raising of our consciousness to higher finer states of perception in Truth. There is a basic concept in all forms of internal alchemy states simply energy follows awareness it follows the task of The Alchemist is to become aware of & sensitive to the subtle realms beyond our everyday senses of perception. The Golden Gathering course follows this

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