Considering Change/Transformation

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

How do we recognise the smalls inner stages of change?

  • Can we recognise our resistance?

  • How can we ease the struggle within?

  • Can we learn to Trust the process?

A caterpillar has no knowledge of the Beauty it is to BeCome..... In its ISNESS the buterfly emerges............

Internal Alchemy ~ the process of our ISNESS.....

as we learn to get out of the way a beautiful dance has the stage to flow ~ that of our natural unfolding.

But come on I know we live in a world where this doesn't come easy. Why?

Because we have lost site of, connection to, knowing of an aspect that generally in this life your not told about and if you are it is generally through the skewed experiential filters of our humans who weren't told. Unless it is through religion (and now luckily more through spiritual seeking The Soul is a huge part of who you are that has not been introduced to you. So all the repair work that has to take place has come about because no one told us about who we really are in the first place!

Who Am I is the greatest existential question we can ask ourselves it opens doorways we previously had no awareness of. It can generate deeper exploration into the body, mind and soul. This was my experience when 30 years ago it felt like I was being crushed from the inside and had absolutley no idea where to go - inside or outside. But I now know how blessed I have been in this life as 'Karen' you see for all my remembered life I 'saw' through the veils of the life as others explerinced. Well I say this but I know I am not alone, maybe you reading this will recognise your own experiences of 'knowing' other things that didn't fit into what you were being taught about life.

Please be patient with me..... You see I have begun this writing while still developing this site. There is so much to complete to ensure your time purusing is valuable. I want to have the blog page live but also wnat to ensure it is alive with words that can assist you. So I will come back and complete this in the very near future. Thank you for your patience and support

With Loving Blessings


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