Time to BE

Now is time to Be. There are so many indications of the heightening of consciousness throughout humanity, but do we really even take any time to contemplate the meaning of this - the heightening of consciousness? As the density of form plane thins the resonance to finer frequencies opens. The ability of the mind to refine and access Higher Mind qualities increases and with it our personal responsibility of wise use increases too.

Accessing greater levels of refined frequencies in the field of Consciousness is not for personal gain but for the development of individual awareness of personal responsibility to the Whole, the Collective for the greater good, so it is only THROUGH us the Consciousness of Unity can find a pathway to manifestation.

Are you compelled to make use of your growth in conscious awareness for personal gain eg business, recognition, power, status, acceptance? All these words describing motivations hold no meaning except your own, you have decided through past expereinces, information given, determined as 'correct' what these mean to you. Until we can all be aware of and deeply honest of our motivations our participation in bringing into being the world most say they wish to live in is not going to come to Be.


This is where the opportunity your new awareness has brought to you.

Here in this sweet spot is where the Pointing aims. Are these drives from the wounded personality aspects propelled on fear generated qualities or are these drives from you Soul?

Most of us will jump to the want for it to be Soul, and yes there is a drop of the beautiful elixir your Soul has in abundance in this 'want' but, how can we be confident our present motivations are not from the trickster aspects actually enticing us away from our fullness?

if you are ready to dive into these challenges for the refinement of the Being you are here to gift, if you are ready to face the rising inner conflicts you know are in the background of all you truly feel you are.

These percieved limitations can be overcome but it takes a Courage intangible, a commitment of Trust and an honour to your life, the one time only life - The Time To BE

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