Our Awakening Continues

In these past weeks and months this current phase of awakening we are experiencing is helping us to move past the role of the Ancient and current Victim codex scripts alchemised deep within our individual vibrational resonance. We are traversing now the opening in collective consciousness to retire the Victim archetype that we and our ancestors have identified with over many lifetimes. But before we can fully retire the Victim archetype, it’s important we honor it for serving to keep us safe and protected in a world that used to operate purely on survival. To fully realise this release we must first give our experiences of identifying with victim consciousness the full dignity held with love, kindness and humility to be seen, heard, and acknowledged in all the confusion and illusion of it's creation. This is the first step of another 1000 miles in the psyche toward freeing ourselves from remaining in the role of the powerless experiences of to the power full cocreators we truly are. We don't sugarcoat, blame, or deny anything we experienced during those times, we observe with curious compassion. As we take the next step in releasing victim consciousness we begin to embody the experience to accept every person, experience, and thing as it has shown up in our lives, without trying to change it. Acceptance of people and experiences just as they are is not the same as saying that we resonate, approve of, or agree with them. It is Acceptance of what IS.... FORGIVENESS is the next step in releasing victim consciousness is to let go of blame, really, deeply without exception. Blame comes from a need to make something or someone else right/wrong or good/bad, and somehow responsible, the cause for pain and suffering we have experienced. At our core, we are the CoCreators within the Field of Pure Potentiality of ALL our experiences. When we consciously operate from our Creator Self, we transcend duality. We move from judgment into discernment. Transcending duality is an experience of ALL aspects of existence self and Self, we simultaneously Witness the nature of our dual self through the expression of our non dual Self....... Both And..... Heaven Earth. We HAVE a body, emotional and mental self we are NOT only these aspects. We ARE Spirit, Soul yet without a form self on the Earth plane we have no vehicles of expression. As we step into the beauty and power of our CoCreator Self through self, we navigate our way forward by aligning naturally with Consciousness oscillating at the same frequency. We understand that just because something does or does not resonate with our frequency Consciousness doesn’t mean it is good or bad, or someone else’s decision for us, or vice versa. There is only resonance or no resonance. There is no longer a need to choose or force through activity - need, choice, activity are all acts of separation in embodiment of our experience of duality in non-dual Witnessing. This is freedom! Here we live directly from our Divine Essence our Core This isn't a Reclaimation process, forget reclaiming as this thought in itself creates division - a thought of loosing something you ARE! It is really a power switch in Consciousness our power means we are committed to connecting with who we are at our core. We do this through self-Love, self-care, kindness, nourishment, spiritual development, and creative expression. In every act of creativity whatever it's expression we are opening the valves of life force pulsating through our multilayered bodies. The most powerful people on the planet are not the ones who control or belittle others. The most powerful people on the planet are the ones who Know who they truly are. They Know they are far greater than the sum of all of their experiences and stories. They Know how to express themselves fully and to speak only from a place of Love, without having to try or prove anything to anyone. Forgiveness is no longer required - there is No thing to forgive as there is no longer personal perspective of right/wrong, good/bad..... Kindness and lovingness is not dependant on how others receive them, it is undifferentiated expression continuously flowing. They Know each moment of every minute IS the purpose to make a difference on the planet, without worrying how small or large the effect of that may be. They see beyond illusions of separation. There is no competition. Success of others is success of ALL. They Know themselves through reciprocity as part of a whole, rather than as being separate from all other forms of life. They Love beyond expectations, in openness and vulnerability. They are optimistic especially in the face of greatest challenge to their individual self. They stand with ease of peace and courage for what they believe in. Thank you for being an amazing and powerful Lighthouse! You are all a gift of Luminous Light to the world in your Courage to embody your true Nature. With Loving Blessings Karen 🕉️💜

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