What’s the point(ing) of life? It is Now the Time to Be!

24th February 2022

What’s the Point(ing) of life? It is Now the Time to Be!

There is a Meditation for use to Be of service in this time of great need at the end of this article

Today as we wake to the news that Russia has taken steps to invade Ukraine this is a moment of huge potential. Potential of a great change, and every small or great change ripples out to the whole. We have come to Know we are an interconnected expression of life, that Consciousness is primary, that energy follows thought. With this development in Knowing, I ask you as I ask myself - will this potential change be one that unfolds towards a new world order of darkness, constriction, control, fear, hostility, poverty (there are many more words that fall into this bracket) or one that will unfold to that of expansion, acceptance, courage, inclusion, abundance (again there are many more words that fall into this bracket). But for now these few words I would suggest you contemplate from the perspective of the spiritual awakening so many have been freely sharing on social media.

All these words hold valuable information for you to fall deeper into the purpose of your awakening and indeed the purpose of your existence and your needed focus on the ability to Be active in Being Still with all that is unfolding, today I believe is the first test day of the Truth of these questions for humanity.

What does this mean? Through each of your levels of being, your energy bodies, information is moving through you. Your individual auric field is, at the level you are able to perceive, is offering you guidance. Are you hearing clearly beyond your personal wounded threads? Through the levels of your emotional, mental, astral and physical bodies subtle guidance is flowing, are you able to act on this in a quiet yet powerfully active way to assist? The awakening you have experienced is of great purpose and it is in this time of potential Change that we have the responsibility to fully embody this, not for the personal, individual self but for the Collective, the Whole, the Self for the evolution of Consciousness.

The many decades preceding this moment of potential tyranny have been purposeful for each of us who has been touched by awakening to step into your fullest potential. It is different for each of us, this is not time for comparisons, for personal gratification of being of the ‘Saviour’ mind, of any fear based actions that hold separateness - no matter what! Any drop of your energy you allow to run free towards fear based thought and fear based thought encompasses any form of ‘othering’ is a drop the of energy that not only is it NOT coalescing with the qualities of Soul, it is actually building the energies of separation, so be vigilant to your accumulation of this even in its subtlest.

If you have experienced any sense of awakening through the past decades now is the Time to Be your Highest Potential for the shift in energies to move from the dualistic, separative, good/bad thinking of the lower nature mindset, into the non-dual existence of Soul as an essential part of who you fully are as a Being, opening access to full and clear flow through the conduit that is your mind, that are your words, that moves into the world as your actions.

Will this be possible through you? Are you clear to carry through the vibration of Strength galvanized by altruistic Love through to your actions? Are you able to Be the pathway of expression of that which is called God as your Divine Essence, that is life force flowing only able to make its presence felt when the tethering of the distorted ego falls away?

What does this mean?

This experience of your spiritual journey, spiritual awakening the presence of spirit is not the exoteric, religious dogma that has historically been the path of powerlessness, it is not the fear based externalization of a force we can blame for ‘the evils’ of this world. It is time to stop the externalization of that which is called God, of waiting for ‘Him’ to stop the madness of the sick mind expressing itself through individuals who are only able to experience self service.

Now is the time to stop blaming that which is called God for the atrocities that unfold all over this planet, these actions are pouring through the minds, hearts and hands of humans. WE are the expression of that which is called God - how are you expressing this Divine Essence?

It is Now time to realize, fully Realize you/we are the expression of that which is called God in its highest potential on this planet, yet remember we are also the expression, words and actions of the the polar opposite as ALL is held in this One Thing! We are the activators of IT!

We DO live in form in this world of duality while existing as Soul in formlessness in the non-dual, God/Divine/Source/One whatever you want to call it is the Consciousness that flows through each and every manifest being. Today in the wake of this movement of madness on the planet of what purpose is your awakening? To what is it Pointing for you to show up as?


1 settle for the comfort of your physical body, sitting is preferable for alertness and full engagement in this

2 Let your breathing settle into rhythmic, regular flow without any force or need to control this

3 Visualize your form self - your body, your mind, your feelings aligned with your Soul Self - this can be done simply through an awareness of a force of Light beyond your presence here in this realm flowing into ‘you’ through a silver cord. Don’t get overly needy of seeing this connection. Know in the interconnectedness of energy in and through all forms of life this connection is present to you.

4 Call to mind a moment of the purest, profound and powerful experience of love you have ever had in this lifetime. Feel it through all your senses, cultivate it in this Now, allow it to grow in the space surrounding the physical heart - senses the etheric threads of the Heart Centre and imbue the threads with as much Light as your awakened state is able to. Do not force anything - Know that your awakening and your point of evolution is exactly perfect, Divinely Perfect for this moment in humanities history IF you let go of any attachments to getting this right, being good etc Let go and Let Flow……

5 Now in this centre of Love in the energy threads of light penetrating this Heart space build this thought-form with great care, all the virtues of the highest expressions of loving kindness, of compassion, of the power to Love without any call to receive - if you give unconditionally the natural laws dictate a return of the energies - as given so shall be received. Allow all colours on the spectrum of Light flow to and through these etheric threads of Light

6 With the rhythmic, regular pulse of your natural breath, feel your physical heart beat, hear your physical heart beat……. Now sense and hear the heart beat of the planet holding all the heartbeats of every sentient being on earth.

Without any desire, any agenda, any force of direction on each out breath Know this Light web of Divine Essence, that which is You, I, All, is flowing, swirling, wrapping and alighting exactly where it is most needed - it is here in this generating of Light that it encompasses the dark, heaviness holding any and all harmful force. It is the darkest, and most damaging of actions and beings that require this Light, let it flow with all the Loving Light it holds - do not withhold this light because of any judgment thoughts.

Let this breathing forth of energy flow out into the world to those who are working in the field as beacons of light in whatever field wherever they are.

7 Place your hand over your Heart space, take 3 deep slow breaths, gently open your eyes and come back to the space you sit in.


It is imperative that each time you feel, sense or hear your thoughts or words, everytime you notice your actions are generated by fear based motives, place your hand above your heart space, breath 3 times and Know you are the Purpose of your awakening - to Be The Change you wish to See in this World! Now is the Time To Be

I will be holding a group guidance of this mediation on Saturday at 4pm UK time via zoom. If you would like to participate please email me at karen@beyondthebody.co.uk and I will send you a link to the group meeting room. If you feel you know anyone who would want to join this meditation in service to the Light of Purpose please pass it on.

with Loving Blessings


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